smith-123 A Christmas baby in 1993 Beau was an energetic child. His first triathlon came when he was nine years old; he won the event and set a new course record.Beau’s first Sprint distance event was raced at the age of 14 and was another win, this time against senior competitors.In 2008 Beau began racing in the British Triathlon Youth & Junior Super Series, starting off with 4th place in the Duathlon. He raced in the British Series throughout his youth/junior years, going out on a high in 2012 when he won two events and the overall series.

Aged 17, Beau completed his first Olympic distance race at the North West Championships in Chester. He won comfortably with a time well inside his two hour target.

Highlights in 2013 were winning the British Universities Sprint Championships as a fresher, and gaining selection to represent Great Britain for the first time at the Elite U23 European Championships.

In 2014 Beau Smith became a JBF Foundation Athlete.

smith-123 My first multisport experience was when I was 14/15 I had done a bit of running before then and decided to give it a go. At the age of 16 was when it started getting serious and this is when James beckinsale approached me about joining Optima.

At first I didn’t see it as achievable because of the cost and this is we’re the foundation came in and chose to support me. This enabled me to train with optima and gave me so many opportunities. I achieved what I wanted to achieve that year and know it would have been a lot harder to do this with out the foundations support.

I am fortunate enough to be focusing purely on triathlon this year and trying to prepare myself for senior racing in the future but before that just one last year as a junior.


My name is Jake Callis and I am an elite junior triathlete. I have been a triathlete for 2 years having come into the sport as an injured runner, my first year was testing the waters and seeing if I would enjoy it – which I did greatly – however, my mother and I quickly realised that it would be a very expensive sport.

I worked very hard through the winter and autumn to get into the regional academy and went on my first training camp with James Beckingsale and the academy this February, when I came back I took part in the national duathlon champs where I came 25th as a first year junior and one of the very youngest in the race as a school year 11.

I then got invited to a performance assessment day at Loughborough 2 weeks ago where I finished 31st despite half the field being lapped out due to the level of competition This secured me a start position in the European trials or the European gateway trials where I went on to finished 15th!!

Triathlon is currently my main sport and my passion, the majority of my time revolves around the sport and I hope to get into the England Talent Squad in the next 2 years and Team GB in the next 3 years- eventually competing abroad in other countries for GB I believe this to be a realistic goal and have always trained and raced thinking “I will accept nothing less than success” in my mind.


My name is Aurel Sinko-Uribe, I am a 16 year old youth and I have been doing triathlon for 2 years now. My first triathlon was at Eton Dorney in the summer of 2013. I came 5th in the fun category but I was quite happy with this considering I didn’t have a road bike or a trisuit. I really enjoyed the race because it was challenging and the feeling I got when I finished was amazing so I decided to take up the sport and quickly realised that triathlon is an expensive sport.

In 2014, I came 2nd in the London Youth Triathlon Series and after a lot of hard work, I secured my place on the London Talent Academy. I was invited on a training camp to Spain in February 2015 by James Beckinsale, head of the London Academy. I had an ankle injury in the first big race of the season which was the National Duathlon Championships but was happy to get some race experience at a high level. The highlight for me was coming 8th In Blenheim Palace Triathlon. We were racing against some juniors as well as they were hoping to qualify for the European relays.

I am very happy to receive financial support from the Jack Boericke Foundation as this will cover the cost of my training camp in 2016 so I can focus on training rather than having to worry about being able to go or not. I am now focusing purely on triathlon and I’m very much looking forward to racing as a Junior in the 2016 season. It will be a great challenge as I will have to race double the distance I have ever done but what’s the point of doing something if it’s easy?

Aurel Sinko- Uribe became a Foundation Athlete in 2015.


My name is Abel Sinko-Uribe and I am a 14 year old triathlete. I have been racing triathlons for 2 years now and I started the sport as a pure swimmer but I quickly realised that triathlon was my true passion.

After I started triathlon, my family and me realised that it is a very expensive sport because of training and equipment costs, this is where the Jack Boericke Foundation helps me.

This past season I have focused a lot on my training and I came away with some good results. I won four races in the London triathlon series and I placed 3rd overall. However the highlights of my season were placing 6th at the IRC triathlon race against the strongest boys in my age group and qualifying for the London triathlon academy.

Next year I am moving up an age group and I will be racing the British elite youth super series where I hope to do well.

Abel Sinko- Uribe became a Foundation Athlete in 2015.